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Writing Tools

Only the Bravest Enter Here:

These courses are for those brave enough to write. It isn't easy. You don't get paid while you're doing it. The rewards are great, but it takes time to get there. These courses aim to help you get there faster.

Publishing & Distribution

Smartphones, and Tablets, and Apps! Oh My!

Here we are going to help your work shine on the shelves, phones, and tablets. Convert to eBooks. Upload to bookstores. Create print pdf's for your content and covers to get you selling those hardcopies!

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Website Foundations

The Chicken or The Egg Projects:

These courses and worksheets will help you; Choose and purchase your domain; Choose your hosting/server provider; Discover the purpose of your website; Choose your websites framework: Joomla? Wordpress? Weebly? Wix? Other?


Wordpress Websites

Start Small with Room to Grow:

The courses and worksheets in this category will teach you everything you need to know to get a professional looking Wordpress site up and running. We'll also offer advice on picking a theme and modifying the design to fit your creative look and feel.


Joomla Websites

Joomla! - Not as hard as they tell you:

Learning Joomla can be easy if you start with a plan and understand how Joomla displays your content. If you want to go a bit bigger than Wordpress, we'll show you how. Our main focus is getting you comfortable using a larger CMS.


Website Design

Your Website is So... YOU!

Using both Joomla and Wordpress these courses and worksheets help you create a website that screams YOU! Your brand, or blog, or platform. We'll try and help you in two ways; Understanding the trends web users will be expecting, and how to break those molds to stand out from the crowd.



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